Dom Goncalo Hotel & Spa is among the places of accommodation in Portugal ranked the best site about accessibility for people with reduced mobility!

The following facilities available: #

Exterior: ##

  • Parking Place reserved near the entrance;
  • Additional parking in the large private park and the surrounding area free;
  • Access to the main door of the hotel is via two ramps with gentle slope, 1 in 2 sides in relation to the entry, with cobblestone floors, irregular, no handrail. At the end of the ramp, there is a plateau in front of the hotel entrance. Access to the Restaurant is also accessible by ramp.
  • Parking garage also free to exit to the street behind the building. The floor is all plan, concrete plan and has access to the elevator that allows access to other floors.

Inside: ##

  • There is a desk near the top of the reception desk.
  • The Reception area of ​​the hotel is wide and flat, you can move around the interior of the hotel and the hallways are large.
  • At level 0 is the restaurant, spacious and easily accessible and plan.
  • Also at level 0, are the living room, the bar with snacks and roundtables, 3 meeting rooms, one of which also doubles as room for children and a business center with 1 free access internet post.
  • There are 2 adapted toilets`s at the common area on the entrance floor (0) near the restaurant, 1 man and 1 woman. The toilets of ladies have accessibility easier and can be used by men as it is better equipped: it has a 1st door that opens inward, with 74 cm width and a 2nd door 84 cm, toilet with 2 sidebars, washbasin and adjustable tap appropriately. This toilet has a point alarm, comfort station.
  • Access to other floors is by lift, whose cabin measures 89 cm in width but with the other adequate measures.
  • One of the meeting rooms have adequate access, it is plan and is perfect for family parties with access to the terrace with a step of 4.5 cm, where the floor is flat, type deck, and still gives access to the hotel garden, which and is partially accessible to the playground.
  • The area of ​​the Wellness Center is only accessible by exterior entrance, down the street at the rear of the building, where access begins on the sidewalk and cobblestone is via a ramp with the same floor and reaches some smooth stones, which are placed on the turf. The outside entrance to the Wellness Center area has a step of 3 cm. The whole area is flat and you can access to the gym and the indoor environment. Access to the interior of the pool requires help from others because only has stairs.
  • The toilet room has adapted alarm in 2 points.

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