A family business: the Dom Gonçalo Hotel & Spa is a success story of a family business. Built by the current owners Jose and Maria, its origin dates back to 1965 when it emerged as a small cafe and grocery store in Cova da Iria, Fatima.

The Origin of the name Dom Gonçalo

The legend that inspired the name of the former Dom Gonçalo Inn, today Dom Gonçalo Hotel & SPA is related to the origin of the name Fatima, which one was never able to determine accurately. What is not in doubt is that the place name itself is reminiscent of Arabic.

"The Legend has it that in the twelfth century lived in the castle of Ourém a brave knight named Abdegas Gonçalo Hermingues, dubbed “Moors eater”, who fought valiant battles against the Moors. Leaving it a day with D. Afonso Henriques to take Alcacer do Sal found (...) a young Moorish endowed with great beauty. He immediately kidnapped the beautiful Moorish, named Fatima, who was baptized and adopted the name Oriana. She married the young brave. Fatima dies, and Gonçalo maimed, retires to the Monastery of Alcobaça, to whom he donates all his possessions. From the name of the beautiful Moorish Oriana have arisen the name Ourém, and its Moorish name, Fatima is the origin of the name of the village."
In “Vila de Fátima”, Organização do Processo para Elevação de Fátima a Vila, 1978

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